PBGEN VINCENT S CALANOGA C, HRAO, and PLTCOL EDGAR P PABLICO, Chief, PEAD, together with PMAJ LUISA TINO, RPHRO, PRO 5 conducted Human Rights Promotion Activities (Custodial Facility Inspection, COMELEC Checkpoint Inspection, and distribution of IEC Materials) within the jurisdiction Naga City Police Office, Naga City.

The purpose of the inspection is to check conditions and assess the management and supervision of Persons Under PNP Custody (PUPCs) and determine whether their rights are being respected and protected by the concerned police stations. PBGEN VINCENT S CALANOGA also had a dialogue with PHROs reiterating the mandates of the Human Rights Affairs Office in order to promote, protect and fulfill human rights.

Further, distribution of IEC materials to PUPCs, police personnel and the riding public during COMELEC checkpoint inspection at Naga CPS, Mabolo Milaor Checkpoint were conducted to promote and inform citizenry on their human rights