Human Rights Desk Basic Procedure in Receiving Complaint 

  1. Politely Greet complainant or any person that approaches the Human Rights Desk;
  2. Have complainants seated, advise them to relax and offer them something to drink to make them comfortable;
  3. Introduce yourself stating your rank, name, designation, and request the complainant to introduce himself/herself;
  4. Ask the complainant about his specific need or purpose of approaching your desk;
  5. Allow the complainant to narrate the facts and circumstances of his/her complaint;
  6. Listen carefully and take down important data of the case/complaint;
  7. Ask questions to determine the Human Rights Violation committed;
  8. Take written complaint of the incident;
  9. Get the full name, address and contact number of the complainant for the feedback;
  10. Evaluate if the case is WCPD concern or Human Rights Concern;
  11. Refer the case to appropriate investigating body after evaluation;
  12. Monitor the progress of the case and inform the complainant of the action taken and update of the case within three (3) days;
  13. Reassure the complainant of continuous monitoring and update of the case;
  14. Extend gratitude to the complainant for his/her cooperation;
  15. Submit report immediately to and furnish HRAO of updates of the report on a forthrightly basis;
  16. If the complaint is sent through letter or referral from concerned NGO and/or Government agency, number 10 up to 15 shall be undertaken.



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