The PNP must promote and protect human rights as this task lies at the very core of maintaining peace and order, ensuring public safety, and upholding the rule of law, in the country. Thus, all PNP personnel must:

  1. Exercise impartiality, neutrality, and professionalism
  1. Strictly adhere to pertinent COMELEC rules, regulations, and guidelines in the conduct of law enforcement functions during elections. 
  1. Observe proper coordination with AFP units and other law enforcement agencies/government security forces before the deployment of PNP personnel, especially in so-called Election Watch list Areas (EWAs) or “election hot spots” including conflict-affected areas. PNP personnel must wear complete uniform, including name plates and (if available) I.D. cards and shall not be under the influence of liquor/drug. 
  1. Not participate in the physical handling of any election paraphernalia/equipment. 
  1. Stay beyond the fifty (50) meter radius from the polling center they are securing except when there is an actual disturbance of the peace and order therein, without need of a written BEI directive. However, the BEI upon majority vote, if it deems necessary, may make a call in writing for the detail  of security personnel for their  protection or for the protection of election  documents or paraphernalia, in which case, the said personnel  shall stay outside the polling place and within  a radius of thirty (30) meters near enough to be easily called by the BEI at any time, but never at the door, and in no case shall the said security personnel hold any conversation with any voter or disturb or prevent or in any manner that obstruct the free access of the voters to the polling place. 
  1. Help the Election Officer determine whether the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS)/Voters Counting Machine (VCM) and their accessories will be secured in the polling places where they were tested or stored in one (1) or more rooms within the same polling center. 
  1. All Chiefs of Police or Unit Commanders are responsible for the provision of pre-deployment & human rights orientation to personnel under their command and operational supervision. 
  1. Designate PNP personnel to take photo/video coverage for documentation and for whatever legal purposes it might serve later on. 
  1. Report all human rights-related incidents via call or text to respective RPHROs or to Chief, HRAO via cell phone numbers 0917-817-7777 or 0949-170-8274.



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