By 2025, we shall have fully institutionalized the respect for human rights as a way of life in the Philippine National Police


To promote, protect and fulfill human rights thru effective institutional & policy development, capability building, prevention and control of human rights violations and multi-sectoral cooperation


  1. The PNP Human Rights Desks are hereby activated under the Offices of the Directors of the National Operational Support Units (NOSUs); Regional Directors of all Police Regional Offices (PROs); Provincial Directors of Police Provincial Offices (PPOs); City Directors of City Police Offices (CPOs); District Directors of District Police Offices; Chief of Police of the City Police Offices; and City/Municipal Police Stations.
  2. The Directors of NOSUs and Regional Directors of PROs shall designate a qualified Human Rights Desk Officers responsible for addressing issues of human rights in their respective areas and providing the HRAO pertinent data and information.
  3. At present we have a total number of 2,108 Human Rights Desks Officers from all Police Regional Offices including NOSUs.