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May 29, 2015, Friday
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Cops Urged To Strictly Observe Human Rights
By: Mario J. Mallari

The Philippine National Police high command is calling for continued human rights related reforms and strict observance of humanitarian laws amid the spread of a video showing a police official torturing an arrested robber in Cavite.

In his message during a forum spearheaded by the PNP Human Rights Affairs Office (HRAO) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), PNP OIC Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina urged participants to continue the human rights-related reforms.

Espina, at the same time, encouraged them to maximize their efforts to ensure the cascading of information on international policing standards and international humanitarian law to fellow PNP personnel nationwide.

Some 20 star-rank police officials attended the two-day PNP HRAO forum entitled International Policing Standards and International Humanitarian Law which closed yesterday in Busuanga, Palawan.

The PNP HRAO forum was held amid the spread of a video in various social networking sites showing an arrested suspect being tortured by a police official.

The official on the video turned out to be Chief Inspector Jigger Noceda, former chief of police of Carmona. He was subsequently relieved from his post.

The suspected robber, shown in the video being hit in the hands by Noceda using a wood, came out in the public and vowed to pursue charges against the police officer.

Chief Superintendent Antonio Viernes, PNP HRAO Director, said that the top level forum served as an effective venue for freewheeling discussion on doable policy recommendations to mainstream human rights based policing and observance of International Humanitarian Law.

For this part, ICRC Regional Police Delegate to Southeast Asia Daniel Agob stressed the significance of identifying which law is applicable in a given situation by the law enforcer.

According to Agob, the precise and timely identification of the law is the crucial challenge faced by enforcement agencies, hence, the continuous dialogue and appreciation of international rules on policing.

The ICRC and PNP has worked together on the promotion of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) since 2008 up to date.

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