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By: NUP Melvin O. Ragasa

PSSUPT SIERVO announced in a press briefing with the ABS-CBN and other media organizations held on August 26, 2015 at PIO, Camp Crame, Quezon City that the PNP-HRAO will be distributing very soon the translated version of the Miranda Warning and Anti-Torture Act in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese Language, as a proactive measure  of the PNP in the increasing number of foreigners,  especially Chinese nationals, being arrested in Palawan for poaching and as an offshoot of the revalida of HRAO during the Compliance Stage of the Performance Governance System.

In some instances that the police officers would find it difficult to recite the Miranda Rights and Anti-Torture Act on the said foreign languages, PSSUPT SIERVO explained that voice recordings will be made available and would be played on the arrested suspects. 

Further, HRAO, in coordination with the Information Technology Management Service, is presently developing a mobile application where the Miranda warning pocket cards and other human rights may be uploaded to make it very accessible most especially to our personnel in the field, aside from posting said advisories at the PNP HRAO website

The updating of the contents of the official PNP Miranda Warning Card with Anti-Torture Warning aims to equip PNP personnel with the right information and/or materials with which to advise foreign nationals placed under police custody of their rights under the law.  As impact, these cards serve as reminders to PNP personnel to adhere to international human rights standards and police operational procedures.

It can be recalled that in 2012, the HRAO collaborated with the International Committee of the Red Cross for the distribution of thousands of copies of the revised pocket card version of the official PNP Miranda Warning Card with Anti-Torture Warning in English, Bisaya, Ilocano, and Cebuano Version to the 17 Police Regional Offices.

Miranda Warning & Anti-Torture Warning in Different Dialects:

Miranda Warning & Anti-Torture Warning in Foreign Languages:

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