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Quezon City. As the year 2016 unfolded, PCSUPT DENNIS A SIERVO, Chief, of the PNP Human Rights Affairs Office (PNP HRAO); PSSUPT EDGARDO G PAMITTAN, Assistant Chief, HRAO; and some HRAO Personnel paid a courtesy call to The Honorabe  JOSE LUIS MARTIN GASCON, Chairperson of CHR and The Honorable Karen Dumpit, Commissioner of CHR on January 20, 2015, 3:00 Pm, at the Office of the Chairperson to discuss, among others, the programs and activities of PNP HRAO for CY 2016 geared towards the full institutionalization of the respect for human rights as a way of life in the PNP as part of the Performance Governance System-PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030.


In an equally important undertaking, the call also paved way for the discussion of the incident that transpired early Wednesday morning of January 20, 2016 at the US Embassy, Pasay City in the lightning rally conducted by the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and Anakbayan in front of the U.S. Embassy in Roxas Boulevard wherein members of the Manila Police District Civil Disturbance Management were allegedly splattered with paint by rallyists including the facade and emblem of the US Embassy.

PCSUPT SIERVO showed video footages taken from “Umagang Kay Ganda” of ABS-CBN and “News TV” of GMA 7 to the Chairperson which depict how the MPD CDM contingents were harassed and assaulted by the protesters, yet,  despite the prevailing situation, said PNP personnel managed to exercise maximum tolerance approach in dealing with the rallyists/protesters.

Hon. LUISITO GASCON, on the other hand, expressed his sympathy to the PNP personnel who were assaulted by the rallysists of LFS and Anakbayan. He further lamented that the right of the protesters to exercise freedom of expression and redress of grievance does not vest them the authority to attack our PNP personnel in an aggressive and violent manner. He even opined that their acts constitute direct assault. “Human Rights should always be about respecting the law and should be exercised in a peaceful manner”, Hon. Gascon elucidated further.

Meanwhile, PCSUPT SIERVO requested the Chairperson to convene a dialogue to be attended by the said rallyists of LFS and Anakbayan, Philippine Alliance on Human Rights (PAHRA), and NGOs/CSOs affiliated with PAHRA to clearly define the rules of engagement in conduct of rallies with emphasis on the respect of the rights of individuals and rights of state actors and to thresh out matters on how to avoid the occurrence of violent rallies.

The Chairperson was more than willing to accommodate the request and further recommended that the dialogue be conducted on January 28, 2015, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at the Office of the Chairperson of CHR.

Anent thereto, HRAO will be recommending to the Chief, PNP for the presence of  The Director for Operations; The Director for Police and Community Relations, Regional Director of National Capital Regional Police Office, Chief of the Public Information Office and Chief, HRAO on the said dialogue.

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